Be Bold: Write Your Proof-Of-Work Resume and Take Control

• The author, Mickey Koss, is a West Point graduate with a degree in economics. He found out about Bitcoin Magazine and sent them an article idea which was accepted.
• He received criticism on his second article submission but used it as learning point to adjust his strategy.
• He eventually gained the courage to promote his content due to the support of the Bitcoin community and now works as a writer for a YouTube channel.

My Journey Into Writing

I’m Mickey Koss, a West Point graduate with a degree in economics and four years in the infantry before transitioning to the Finance Corps. I didn’t expect that I would ever write for Bitcoin Magazine – but I found its article submission link by accident while looking for customer service email address and decided to give it a shot. After my first article was published, I was hooked and kept submitting more articles – one of which received an unceremonious “no” with scathing review from the editor. Despite this setback, I adjusted my strategy and continued writing, eventually gaining enough confidence from the support of the Bitcoin community to post my articles publicly on LinkedIn.

Lesson Learned

My experience taught me that just because someone doesn’t like your work doesn’t mean you are not good at what you do; there is always room for improvement and growth if you use critiques constructively. The editor who rejected me is now producing for a fairly large YouTube channel focused on Bitcoin – he even hired me to write behind-the-scenes content!

Find Your Niche

The goal should be finding your niche within the cryptocurrency space where you can add value by providing unique insights or perspectives that cannot be easily replicated or found elsewhere – this type of content will stand out among all of the noise online today. For example, instead of just talking about price trends or new regulations related to cryptocurrency, focus on something more specific such as how different countries are approaching regulation differently or how blockchain technology can revolutionize certain industries.

Showcase Your Work

Once you have created something new that adds real value – showcase it! Showing off your accomplishments does not make you arrogant; rather, it demonstrates your hard work and commitment to furthering progress in this field. Don’t be afraid to post your content on social media outlets like LinkedIn or Twitter – chances are that other people may appreciate your efforts even if they don’t comment directly on them! There is no better feeling than seeing others appreciate what you have created – so don’t hesitate when sharing new ideas!


Bitcoin has provided me with opportunities beyond what I could have imagined before discovering it – whether through writing articles or meeting incredible people within its community who share my passion for advancing cryptocurrency education/adoption worldwide. If anything else comes from reading this story: don’t let fear hold you back from pursuing things that excite you; take calculated risks; find mentors who can help guide you; stay humble; keep learning; never stop exploring possibilities (within reason); finally – enjoy every moment along the way!