From $0 to $68,000: A Look at Bitcoin’s Price History


  • Bitcoin has been declared dead 463 times and its price swings are mainly driven by its halving cycles and macroeconomic events.
  • Since its start in 2009, bitcoin has gone on to set multiple records, with peaks of 1,000% growth and drops of 80-90%, yet it has always bounced back stronger.
  • This article takes you through an overview of bitcoin’s price history year after year, around the significant events that have shaped it.


Bitcoin is a revolutionary monetary system that seeks to challenge the existing structure of centralized credit-based money issued by bureaucrats and unstable banks. Its white paper was released in 2008, offering a new way out of financial issues by replacing human vulnerabilities with code. Although initially nothing more than an experiment, it soon began trading for goods and services. Since then, its value has risen from $0 in 2009 to more than $68,000 in 2021. In this article we explore how bitcoin’s price has evolved over time and the key events that have influenced it.

Price History

The following table provides a detailed breakdown of Bitcoin’s performance from 2010-2023:

Year | Start Price | High Price | Low Price | EOY % Performance
2010 | $0.003 | $0.40 | $0 | 9,900% 2011 | $0.30 | $32 | $0.29 | 1,467% 2012 | $4.70 | $16 | $4 | 183% 2013|$13.30 |$1,163 |$13 | 5953% 2014|$805 |$936

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Unlock the Benefits of Bitcoin: How Sound Money Can Positively Impact Decision Making

• This opinion editorial by Tim Niemeyer, co-host of the Lincolnland Bitcoin Meetup and an elementary school teacher, explores how our coercive fiat monetary system incentivizes less-than-optimal decision making.
• The article looks at how helicopter parenting is a symptom of living in a fiat system, where people in power have their own agendas and incentives.
• The author also explains how Bitcoin can provide long-term systemic change that isn’t beholden to any particular side or faction.

Exploring How Fiat Incentivizes Poor Decision Making

I’m Tim Niemeyer, co-host of the Lincolnland Bitcoin Meetup and an elementary school teacher. Being able to experience both these passions has helped me develop a greater understanding of each, particularly when it comes to exploring how our coercive fiat monetary system incentivizes less-than-optimal decision making and substandard relational habits… and maybe a little about how Bitcoin fixes this.

The Emergence of Helicopter Parents

In my almost two decades as an educator I’ve noticed the emergence of helicopter parents – those who fight their child’s battles, do their schoolwork, coach their coaches, keep their kids on a short leash, are a maid in their own house, play it too safe and can’t let their kids fail. These signs are all symptoms of living in a fiat system: one which allows humans to be in control of the money supply; one which sees people impose moral onto said money supply; one with high time preference actions due to inflation stealing time and efforts.

The Benefits Of Sound Money

Too few see that choosing red or blue or right or left doesn’t really provide long-term systemic change due to the fact that each side is beholden to their inherent system. Therefore I believe there are huge benefits to sound money not controlled by any particular faction – money like Bitcoin which can provide long term stability not controlled by any particular party or agenda.

Fiat Steals Time & Effort

Most everyone has justifications for their actions but everyone should know that our current monetary system steals time and effort via inflation which forces high time preference actions – something many don’t understand because they don’t experience its effects firsthand.

Bitcoin Fixes This Systemic Problem

By adopting sound money such as Bitcoin we can move away from this coercive fiat monetary system that incentivizes poor decision making and replace it with something more beneficial for all parties involved: stability provided by sound money not controlled by anyone party’s agenda; financial freedom from excessive taxation; economic empowerment through decentralization; improved relationships between generations through generational wealth transfers made possible with digital assets such as BTC; etc.. All things considered there’s nothing quite like having skin in the game when it comes to understanding why we need sound money like Bitcoin!

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Be Bold: Write Your Proof-Of-Work Resume and Take Control

• The author, Mickey Koss, is a West Point graduate with a degree in economics. He found out about Bitcoin Magazine and sent them an article idea which was accepted.
• He received criticism on his second article submission but used it as learning point to adjust his strategy.
• He eventually gained the courage to promote his content due to the support of the Bitcoin community and now works as a writer for a YouTube channel.

My Journey Into Writing

I’m Mickey Koss, a West Point graduate with a degree in economics and four years in the infantry before transitioning to the Finance Corps. I didn’t expect that I would ever write for Bitcoin Magazine – but I found its article submission link by accident while looking for customer service email address and decided to give it a shot. After my first article was published, I was hooked and kept submitting more articles – one of which received an unceremonious “no” with scathing review from the editor. Despite this setback, I adjusted my strategy and continued writing, eventually gaining enough confidence from the support of the Bitcoin community to post my articles publicly on LinkedIn.

Lesson Learned

My experience taught me that just because someone doesn’t like your work doesn’t mean you are not good at what you do; there is always room for improvement and growth if you use critiques constructively. The editor who rejected me is now producing for a fairly large YouTube channel focused on Bitcoin – he even hired me to write behind-the-scenes content!

Find Your Niche

The goal should be finding your niche within the cryptocurrency space where you can add value by providing unique insights or perspectives that cannot be easily replicated or found elsewhere – this type of content will stand out among all of the noise online today. For example, instead of just talking about price trends or new regulations related to cryptocurrency, focus on something more specific such as how different countries are approaching regulation differently or how blockchain technology can revolutionize certain industries.

Showcase Your Work

Once you have created something new that adds real value – showcase it! Showing off your accomplishments does not make you arrogant; rather, it demonstrates your hard work and commitment to furthering progress in this field. Don’t be afraid to post your content on social media outlets like LinkedIn or Twitter – chances are that other people may appreciate your efforts even if they don’t comment directly on them! There is no better feeling than seeing others appreciate what you have created – so don’t hesitate when sharing new ideas!


Bitcoin has provided me with opportunities beyond what I could have imagined before discovering it – whether through writing articles or meeting incredible people within its community who share my passion for advancing cryptocurrency education/adoption worldwide. If anything else comes from reading this story: don’t let fear hold you back from pursuing things that excite you; take calculated risks; find mentors who can help guide you; stay humble; keep learning; never stop exploring possibilities (within reason); finally – enjoy every moment along the way!

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Grow Abundance in Your Backyard: Urban Homesteading with Erin

• Erin started homesteading by accident when she and her boyfriend moved to the Bay Area.
• They found a Craigslist ad offering cheap rent in exchange for feeding chickens, which turned out to be from Novella Carpenter, a celebrity urban homesteader.
• In this interview, Erin talks about her experience with urban farming, paying it forward, the future for San Francisco and the astrology of Bitcoin.

Erin’s Introduction to Urban Farming

Erin started homesteading kind of by accident when she and her boyfriend moved to the Bay Area about four and a half years ago. When looking for a place to live on Craigslist, they came across an ad offering cheap rent in exchange for feeding chickens—which turned out to be from Novella Carpenter, an urban homesteader who wrote “Farm City” in 2009. Despite their initial skepticism, they decided it was worth taking the risk and accepted the offer.

The Challenges & Advantages of Urban Farming

Urban farming has its own unique set of challenges that are different than traditional farming. For instance, access to land is limited since most people live in cities or suburbs where space is tight; soil quality can also be variable depending on the land; there may also be regulations or restrictions on how much you can do (like what you can grow). On the other hand, having access to more resources like technology and infrastructure can make some things easier—such as being able to access local markets more easily or having more options for composting material.

Paying It Forward

Erin has been using her experience with urban farming not only as a way to provide food for herself but also as a way of giving back by teaching others what she knows through TikTok videos and her podcast “Hell Money.” She wants people who have a desire to learn about sustainable living practices but don’t have access to land themselves or need guidance on how to get started with urban gardening.

The Future of San Francisco

When asked about what she sees happening in San Francisco over the next few years, Erin said that while there are definitely challenges ahead due to rising costs of living and gentrification issues, there is still hope as long as people continue advocating for affordable housing solutions and supporting small businesses owned by locals instead of big corporations moving in. She also believes that if we take care of our environment now — whether it’s through conserving energy or investing in renewable sources — we will all benefit from it down the road regardless of economic status or political affiliation.

The Astrology Of Bitcoin

Lastly, Erin shared her thoughts on Bitcoin’s astrology: that its potential lies not just in its financial implications but also in its power as an agent of change (especially since it isn’t beholden to any one country’s currency). For example, Bitcoin could serve as a tool for redistributing wealth from those who have too much money into those who need it most — something that has never before been possible without government intervention or taxation policies because money always had physical form before digital currencies came around.

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UK Announces Regulation of Crypto Industry: Addressing Volatility and Ensuring Safety

• The United Kingdom has released its plans to regulate the cryptocurrency industry within the country in order to protect customers and ensure fair standards.
• The new set of regulations will focus on trading and lending, requiring firms to create disclosure documents that adhere to “fair” standards.
• Cryptocurrency custodial actors and intermediaries are also mentioned in the consultation as a way of ensuring customer funds are safely stored.

United Kingdom Announces Plans To Regulate Crypto Industry

The United Kingdom has released its plans to regulate the cryptocurrency industry within the country. This announcement aims to protect customers and ensure fair standards among cryptocurrency exchanges and firms.

Focus on Trading & Lending

The new set of regulatory guidelines will specifically focus on trading and lending, requiring firms to define detailed content requirements for disclosure documents that adhere to “fair” standards. This is meant to enable technological change and innovation while also protecting customer funds from fraudulent activities.

Responsible Practices Necessary

In order to ensure the safety of customer funds, responsible practices must be put into place by cryptocurrency custodial actors and intermediaries who facilitate transactions and store assets securely. This consultation seeks to create a framework with clear guidelines for these practices.

Deadline for Consultation

The consultation will conclude on April 30th, 2023, after which the government will consider feedback and create a response. Once legislation is laid out, the Financial Conduct Authority will consult on its detailed rules for the sector.

Economic Secretary’s Remarks

Economic Secretary to the Treasury Andrew Griffith commented that this move is meant to grow the economy while also allowing room for technological change and innovation in regards to cryptoasset technology.

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Sen. Cruz Proposes Resolution To Allow Capitol Politicians to Use Bitcoin

• Senator Ted Cruz has proposed a resolution that would allow vendors in the Capitol area to accept payments with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.
• Sen. Cruz is a strong advocate of Bitcoin, seeing it as decentralized and thus out of government control.
• The resolution could provide Capitol politicians with their first exposure to using BTC as a payment method, potentially shifting perspectives for an on-the-fence politician.

Proposal for Cryptocurrency Payments In Capitol Area

Sen. Ted Cruz (TX-R) has proposed a resolution that would request vendors within the Capitol area to work with payments providers that accept bitcoin. The proposal specifically mentions restaurants, gift shops and vending machines within Capitol Buildings should work with persons accepting cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, which would allow the lawmakers of the United States to purchase their on-the-go snacks with sound money as they please.

Advocate For Bitcoin

Sen. Cruz has been an outspoken advocate for bitcoin before, saying that, “One of the reasons I’m bullish on Bitcoin is because it’s decentralized. The Left hates Bitcoin because they can’t control it.” Sen. Cruz also sees the benefits of bitcoin mining as a potential boon for Texas, a state which has been at the forefront of the industry since China’s bitcoin mining ban and subsequent hash rate exodus in 2021.

Small Resolution Can Shift Perspectives

While the move for acceptance at vendors may be perceived as inconsequential, if it passes, it could serve as the first primary exposure for Capitol politicians to using BTC as a daily payment method. Bitcoin can be an abstract concept for those who have not seen its usage in a payments setting, so small resolutions like this can possibly shift perspectives for an on-the-fence politician .

Resolution Need To Pass House And Senate

The resolution will need to pass both the House and Senate in order to take effect .


This resolution could potentially provide lawmakers with their first exposure to using BTC as a payment method and shift perspectives among those who are still undecided about cryptocurrency adoption .

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Alles, was Sie über Kryptowährungsregulierungen wissen müssen

Kryptowährungen sind eine schnell wachsende und immer beliebter werdende Art von digitaler Währung. Sie werden von vielen Menschen als eine Art Investitionsmöglichkeit betrachtet und erfreuen sich einer zunehmenden Beliebtheit. In den letzten Jahren haben sich viele Länder jedoch entschieden, die Handelsaktivitäten von Kryptowährungen zu regulieren, um sicherzustellen, dass die Investoren vor zu hohen Risiken geschützt werden. Dieser Artikel wird einen Blick auf die Regulierung von Kryptowährungen werfen und erläutern, welche Länder sie regulieren und wie sie die Risiken minimieren können.

Welche Länder regulieren Kryptowährungen?

Eine der wichtigsten Fragen, die sich Investoren stellen, ist, in welchen Ländern die Handelsaktivitäten von Kryptowährungen reguliert sind. In einigen Ländern, wie z.B. den USA, sind die Handelsaktivitäten von Kryptowährungen bereits stark reguliert. In anderen Ländern, wie z.B. Japan, wurden die Regulierungen erst vor kurzem eingeführt. Viele andere Länder, wie z.B. die Schweiz, haben ebenfalls angekündigt, dass sie Kryptowährungen regulieren werden.

Wie können Anleger sicherstellen, dass sie die Regulierungen einhalten?

Anleger können sicherstellen, dass sie die Regulierungen einhalten, indem sie sich bei einem regulierten Broker wie Bitcoin Bank anmelden. Bei Bitcoin Bank müssen Investoren sich anmelden, um ein Konto zu eröffnen und ihre Identität zu bestätigen. Danach können Anleger auf der Plattform Kryptowährungen handeln, sicher sein, dass sie die Regulierungen einhalten und gleichzeitig von den Vorteilen des Handels mit Kryptowährungen profitieren.

Wie sieht die Regulierung von Kryptowährungen aus?

Die Regulierung von Kryptowährungen variiert je nach Land. In den USA sind Kryptowährungen beispielsweise einer Reihe von Regulierungen unterworfen, darunter die Know-Your-Customer-Regelungen, die Anforderungen an den Schutz personenbezogener Daten und die Vorschriften zu Geldwäsche. In Japan sind die Regulierungen ähnlich, aber es gibt auch spezifische Vorschriften für Unternehmen, die Kryptowährungen handeln.

Welche Risiken bestehen beim Handel mit Kryptowährungen?

Der Handel mit Kryptowährungen birgt viele Risiken, die nicht nur von Regulierungen, sondern auch von anderen Faktoren wie Volatilität und Liquidität bestimmt werden. Die Investoren müssen sich bewusst sein, dass sie aufgrund des hohen Risikopotenzials Verluste erleiden können. Darüber hinaus kann es aufgrund des hohen Volumens schwierig sein, liquide zu handeln, was es für Investoren schwierig machen kann, Gewinne zu erzielen.

Wie können Anleger die Risiken des Handels mit Kryptowährungen minimieren?

Es gibt einige Möglichkeiten, mit denen Investoren die Risiken des Handels mit Kryptowährungen minimieren können. Zum Beispiel können sie Stop-Loss-Orders verwenden, um Verluste zu begrenzen, und sie können auch ein Risikomanagement-Tool wie Bitcoin Bank verwenden, um ihr Risikoniveau für jede Position zu verwalten. Darüber hinaus ist es wichtig, dass Investoren nur in Assets investieren, die sie verstehen, und sich vor dem Handel informieren, um sicherzustellen, dass sie die Risiken richtig verstehen.

Welche Vorteile bietet die Regulierung von Kryptowährungen?

Die Regulierung von Kryptowährungen hat viele Vorteile. Zum einen schützt sie Investoren vor zu hohen Risiken, da sie sicherstellt, dass Unternehmen, die Kryptowährungen handeln, bestimmte Regeln einhalten müssen. Auf der anderen Seite bietet die Regulierung auch mehr Sicherheit für Investoren, da sie sicherstellt, dass Unternehmen sichere und transparente Plattformen anbieten.


Kryptowährungen sind eine schnell wachsende und immer beliebter werdende Art von digitaler Währung. Viele Länder haben daher begonnen, die Handelsaktivitäten von Kryptowährungen zu regulieren, um sicherzustellen, dass Investoren vor zu hohen Risiken geschützt werden. Anleger können sicherstellen, dass sie die Regulierungen einhalten, indem sie sich bei einem regulierten Broker wie Bitcoin Bank anmelden. Darüber hinaus gibt es viele Möglichkeiten, mit denen Investoren die Risiken des Handels mit Kryptowährungen minimieren können. Die Regulierung von Kryptowährungen bietet viele Vorteile, darunter mehr Sicherheit und Schutz vor zu hohen Risiken.

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FBI Arrests Owner of Crypto Exchange Bitzlato for Illicit Activity

• The U.S. Department of Justice has closed the Bitzlato cryptocurrency exchange and arrested its owner, Anatoly Legkodymov, for allegedly running an illicit cryptocurrency network designed to launder money and conceal crimes.
• The DOJ alleges that Bitzlato facilitated more than $700 million in transactions involving illicit funds from 2018-2022.
• This event comes at a time of increasing scrutiny from law enforcement and regulators, with Gemini and Genesis recently charged by the SEC alongside FTX, while Three Arrows Capital has been accused of scamming its customers.

U.S Department of Justice Closes Cryptocurrency Exchange

The U.S Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced the closure of the Bitzlato cryptocurrency exchange, along with FBI’s arrest of its owner Anatoly Legkodymov for running an illicit network to circumvent sanctions, launder money and conceal crimes. In a live stream hosted on January 18th, DOJ representatives revealed that the Hong Kong-based exchange was allegedly involved in this activity.

Legkodymov Operated High-Tech Financial Hub

Legkodymov operated Bitzlato as a high-tech financial hub that catered to “known crooks,” according to his own words. Despite this, he failed to implement safeguards required by U.S law – safeguards which enable authorities to detect and investigate financial crimes. Additionally, during the live stream officials warned criminal actors regardless of their location or residence they must answer to U.S law enforcement or face consequences inside a United States courtroom if they break these laws abroad.

Increasing Scrutiny From Regulators

This announcement regarding Bitzlato comes at a time when there is increasing scrutiny from both law enforcement and regulators over alleged fraudulent activities in cryptocurrencies exchanges like FTX’s Bahamas hub, Gemini’s charges by SEC alongside FTX’s recent charges against those involved with it as well as Three Arrows Capital being accused of scamming its customers..

Bitzlatos Facilitated Over $700 Million Transactions Involving Illicit Funds

The DOJ alleged that Bitzlato facilitated more than $700 million in transactions involving illicit funds from 2018-2022 however at the time of live streaming only had $11000 on them compared to peak amount up to $6million showing discrepancy in volume between this event and other such events like Three Arrows Capital collapse who are also alleged for scamming their customers raising concerns over proper law enforcement in this industry .


To sum up ,the US department of justice have cracked down on Bitzlato crypto exchange along with arresting its owner Anatoly Legkodymov ,a high tech financial hub catering towards criminals failing to follow laws set by US government which can result into facing consequences inside US court room .These events come at a time where there is increasing scrutinizes from regulators due to frauds occurring on crypto exchanges with Three Arrows Capital being among one who are alleged for scamming their customers .Though involvement here was minor compared but still raised concerns .

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Gemini Co-Founder Accuses Genesis, DCG of Fraud, Demands Silbert’s Removal

• Cameron Winklevoss has leveled claims of fraud against Genesis and Digital Currency Group (DCG), alleging they defrauded Gemini and over 340,000 Gemini Earn users.
• Winklevoss claims that instead of taking action to restructure and protect users, Genesis marked a 10-year promissory note down as a current asset.
• The letter concludes with a demand that Barry Silbert be removed as CEO of DCG, as he has proven himself unfit and unwilling to properly run the company.

Cameron Winklevoss, the Co-Founder of Gemini, has released an extensive letter that alleges that Genesis and its parent company, Digital Currency Group (DCG), have committed fraud against Gemini and more than 340,000 Gemini Earn users. The letter accuses the companies of trying to deceive users into believing that $1.2 billion of working capital had been injected into the company when in reality, they had only marked a 10-year promissory note down as a current asset.

The letter explains that this alleged fraud began when Genesis Global Capital LLC, Genesis Trading’s $2.8 billion crypto lending arm, experienced losses of at least $1.2 billion due to a collapse of cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital. Instead of taking action to restructure and protect users, the firm allegedly marked a 10-year promissory note down as a current asset, which, according to the letter, “refers to cash, cash equivalents, or other assets that can be exchanged into cash within one year.” However, Winklevoss makes the point that a promissory note with a principal repayment due in 10 years does not meet the definition of a “current asset.”

Furthermore, the letter claims that Genesis was lending to Three Arrows Capital without taking into account the risk of these loans, as the crypto hedge fund was apparently redirecting investment into Grayscale Investments’s GBTC, which limited the growing discount of the Trust. This risk was then passed on to the users of Gemini Earn. Additionally, the letter alleges that greed is what drove these investment decisions, which in turn led to the loss of Gemini Earn users’ funds.

The letter concludes with a demand that Barry Silbert be removed as CEO of DCG, as he has proven himself unfit and unwilling to properly run the company. It argues that there is no path forward as long as Silbert remains in his position.

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Restoring Accountability: The Birth of Bitcoin on January 3rd, 2009

• On January 3rd, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto created the Genesis block in the Bitcoin blockchain, kickstarting a movement based on sound money and property rights.
• The Genesis block contained the message “Chancellor on brink of the second bailout for banks”, signaling Bitcoin’s opposition to central bank policies.
• Bitcoin’s distributed network of nodes allows individuals to take up the reins of their financials and access a monetary system that is not debased or controlled.

It was a cold and dark winter day on January 3rd, 2009, when a single person, Satoshi Nakamoto, made a move that would spark a revolution. On that day, the first block in the Bitcoin blockchain was created, kicking off a movement that, more than a decade later, is still alive and growing. This singularity has been heralded countless times, and today, its purpose has become ever more clear and, in many ways, necessary.

As a testament to its birthdate, the Genesis block contained a message in its code: “Chancellor on brink of the second bailout for banks.” This simple but powerful message serves as an anchor to the physical world and conveys a manifesto: Bitcoin stands against the central bank policies enabled by a culture of easy money. Instead, it seeks to restore accountability and antifragility through a monetary system based on sound money, one that cannot be debased or controlled, manipulated or manufactured to benefit a lucky few.

The fundamental properties of Bitcoin make it possible for this dream to be realized. Powered by a distributed network of nodes, each running the protocol’s software and as such enforcing its rules, Bitcoin enables individuals to take up the reins of their financials, offering access to a monetary system that is not debased or controlled. It levels the playing field, ensuring property rights to millions worldwide, equally and irrespective of their status, race, religious beliefs, gender or nationality.

Today, more than ever, the importance of Bitcoin is becoming more evident. It has the potential to transform the lives of millions, allowing them to enjoy financial freedom and economic autonomy. It is a powerful tool, a system that seeks to create a fairer, more prosperous world.

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